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“The space between heaven and earth is like a bellow,

It appears empty

Yet it gives a supply that never fails.”



One day, the Tao-te Ching fell on my hands. And some other day, soon after that, I surprised myself underlining it, taking notes, making drawings. Something had started to happen. My mind was compulsively transforming the poems into images.

During more than two months, I dedicated all my efforts to turn the old book of Lao-Tzi into a video piece. This that you see here is the result of that process..

If after watching the piece you feel like maybe you did not understand completely, I invite you to discover the book that inspired hundreds of generations.


Thirty spokes unite around one hub to make a wheel.

It is the presence of the empty space that gives the function of a vehicle.

Clay is molded into a vessel. It is the empty space that gives the function of a vessel.

Doors and windows are chisel out to make a room.

It is the empty space in the room that gives its function.

Therefore, something substantial can be beneficial.

While the emptiness of void is what can be utilized.


The Spirit of the valley is immortal.

It is called the mystic nature.

The gate of the mystic nature is regarded as the root of the universe.

It is everlasting and cannot be consumed.