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I am many people and many faces. Sometimes, I am María. Sometimes I call myself Aleks, because it’s the moments I feel I belong to other times and other places and other bodies. 

It doesn’t really matter. I am myself and I am a combination of all of them. Whatever you want to call me, it’s just another tag – language teasing us once again into believing we can name the true nature of things.

I speak many languages because I want to absorb many points of view. I am the sun and the moon. I am female and male, because those concepts are empty and I master them if I want to. I am ethereal, contradictory. I am a yes and a no. I don’t think I make any sense.

Every morning when I wake up, I want to become a different person. But that is fine, because fortunately life is long and I know how to change skin if needed.


I am completely obsessed with Eastern Europe. I believe that the natural world is the true world and everything else we have created – the cities, the roads, the bridges and the walls – it’s just distractions to keep us away from our true essence.

I see images, I think images, I dream images. Since the moment I first picked a camera, I can only really see when I’m looking through a lens. I believe images are the most powerful tool to shape minds ever created.

I don’t understand myself – but then again, who does?

I try to get closer to my true self by making the works you will find here.